Writing Smartly’s Teaching Grammar Seminar
Offered Again at a New Time

Writing Smartly’s first seminar, Teaching Grammar, will be offered again on Saturday morning, October 31, from 10:00 to 11:00. I am hoping this new time will prove convenient for a number of people who have expressed an interest in this and other seminars but have been unable to attend the regular Tuesday evening section. Tuition is $25, and you may enroll now through this registration link. A description is below.

Teaching Grammar

Our dramatic change of circumstances over the last few months has suddenly pressed many into the role of teacher, either to supplement the online education that is taking the place of traditional school, or to assume the position of teacher in a homeschooling program. And if that role happens to be as an English teacher, the newfound responsibility might prove to be a difficult moment.

To help meet that challenge, Writing Smartly will be offering a one-hour online tutorial called Teaching Grammar. English grammar can be a complex affair, but when the subject is framed properly—when a basic approach is lined out and some essential terms defined—what appeared at first to be an impossible confusion can be sufficiently understood to present clearly. Participants will receive a handout that explains the basic concepts and illustrates the order in which they are best introduced to a student. Included as well are exercises and answers to reinforce the ideas.


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