A Call for Questions

We have taken up a good number of topics together in the Writing Smartly weekly posts, but English grammar is such a large subject that even now, after three years and well over 300 articles, we’ve only begun to begin. I’m sure there are still many questions that arise as you read and write more thoughtfully every day.

That’s the reason I’m putting out this call for questions that the weekly Writing Smartly posts have not yet discussed. Please send me your question about a problem that has plagued you in your own writing or something you’ve read elsewhere that you’ve wondered about. Punctuation, verb tense, sentence structure—anything that has made a doubt arise and put an obstacle in your way to writing confidently. Include an example, and I will do my best to address it in an upcoming post. You may send your question directly to me at ultimo@writingsmartly.com.

The language arts are a complicated affair, but the more we understand how language works—that’s where we do our thinking, after all—the better we’ll be able to understand both ourselves and others.

Thank you.


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